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Woods Broadcasting Network radio station royalties are paid in full and diffused through Radionomy. For more information visit Radionomy.com. If you believe that your copyrights was infringed, email [email protected] and we'll look into the problem. Please only submit a complaint after checking to see if copyrights weren't already paid by Radionomy.com. All eventual questions in relation with author rights/copyrights MUST BE DIRECTLY FOWARDED TO RADIONOMY.COM!

Who Is Behind Woods Hits Radio 

Nigel Woods is a web designer/ programmer and is the Founder of "Woods Hit Radio". He is the Chief Operating Officer of all the radio stations on the Network Platform, of which "Woods Broadcasting Network" is the parent company. Nigel is the owner of an extensive music collection which spans over 50 years including LP, cassette and CDs. With over four years of experience both coding websites and managing servers, Nigel manages all of the radio station on the Network and is also in charge of much of the programming on Woods Broadcasting Network. Being an avid music lover, Nigel has been collecting records since the late 70s to 80s and own his first set of records bought by his late step father Roy Charles. Many of the records in his collection are now out of print and extremely hard to find. With the launch of Woods Hit Radio in 2009, Nigel dream of his own radio station became a reality. He brings his knowledge and love of music to the airwave on "Woods Hit Radio The Mix" and other radio projects he is involoved in. Nigel is your evening host on Woods Hit Radio The Mix from 6 -12 midnight weekdays, and is one of the hosts of the magic of the 80s every Saturday, and Music Gold on a Sunday.
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So How Do You Guys Stay In Business

We have to beg for money a lot! But most of our listeners value what we do. We run our stations on a very tight budget and rely on donations from listeners. We're lucky to have a lot of friends at indie record labels who have donated CDs for premiums or have let us include some of their music in our compilation CDs. And we're thankful to the folks at Shoutcast.com and Radioboss.fm who have provided us with additional streaming bandwidth in the past and present.

What Can We Expect In The Future?

Our goal is to make the Woods Hit Radio platform available in as many ways as possible - from internet radio, to cell phones and wireless devices, over the air and HD multicast radio, to satellite broadcasts. Wherever you are or whatever you're doing, we want to make all the radio stations on the platform available to you. We also plan to launch more channels and specialty on-demand and podcast programs. Since we have such a small budget, we have to move slowly. But because we don't have to answer to investors or VCs, we can broadcast exactly what we want, when we want to. Thanks for listening, and remember... Woods Hit Radio Loves You!!!!

Adult Contemporary

Adult Contemporary Music is a genre of music that first emerged as a radio format based on popular music. It incorporates some characteristics of Pop, Rock and Light Jazz. It includes most pieces of contemporary music with the exception of Hard Rock and Hip Hop. Adults are the major audience of this radio format but it appeals to many different age groups that are partial to Adult Contemporary Music because of its pleasant, melodic characteristics as well as its progressive and strong beat. Many contemporary musicians release singles that cross over to this popular radio format in order to reach a wider audience. Adult Contemporary Music is a popular choice for background music for businesses and companies that wish to provide a pleasant environment for their clients. There are different variations of Adult Contemporary Music such as Hot, Soft and Urban. Hot. Adult Contemporary Music dates back to 1986 when it was first introduced to cater to an audience that listened to popular music but was not interested in the top-40 songs of that period. WWMX of Baltimore was the first station that adopted this format. A mix of popular songs that weren’t too old and contemporary songs with an adult audience made up the play list of this station. Other radio stations adopted this format and by the 1990s many radio stations across the country were playing this mix of music. In 1961 Billboard Magazine published its first Adult Contemporary Music chart. By the mid-1980s, VH1, the music video channel started playing Adult Contemporary Music as an alternative to the MTV video channel to please more mature audiences. Both these radio and television formats moved away from their origins and embraced more contemporary musicians in order to keep up with the times and retain their audience share. Musicians played on these stations include an eclectic group of artists such as Elton John, Rod Stewart, Eagles, Phil Collins, Fleetwood Mac, Chicago, Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, Madonna, Jewel, James Taylor, Shania Twain, Gloria Estefan, Mariah Carey, Josh Groban, Sheryl Crow, Celine Dion, and many other contemporary artists.

Nigel Woods Developer & Founder

How Big Is Your Library

We have over 5000 CDs and 180,000 digital tracks in our primary music library, From this, we select only the best tracks to play on Woods Hit Radio The Mix.